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Quickly and Accurately Staff Your Salesforce Project

Do you need a Salesforce guru for your project, but don’t want to pay the high hourly rates Salesforce™ Partners command?   

Are you sure you're getting an accurate picture of your project cost and timeline?  You may want to verify with us, as we’ve seen timeline estimates be drastically low. Question your partner if they tell you it’s a 3-week project when it seems more 6 month’s worth of work!  We can de-risk by offering an honest estimate or working through a Proof of Concept with your team, so we're all on the same page!   

In the end, what’s important is which experts you select to work on your project.  We ensure you get  the top experts often with similar successful Salesforce™ projects experience.   

  1. 125+
    Projects Successfully Staffed
  2. 7.33
    Average Years of Salesforce Experience our Consultants Have
  3. 20%
    Typical Savings by Working with Us
  4. 40+
    Of Known Salesforce Experts
Why Wingate Group?
  • With several years of working exclusively in the Salesforce project space, we’ve seen 100s Salesforce projects;
  • We don’t just recruit & staff; we are actively working on Salesforce project ourselves, every day;
  • We have someone that’s Salesforce certified verify each candidate’s technical ability;
  • We have an amazing network of proven individuals - many coming off projects we track;
  • Just like the New York Times, we Fact Check; and
  • We can offer advice on project approach, share industry trends, and connect your team with valuable resources (such as other clients that have advice to share.)
  • We'll guarantee your satisfaction.
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