Wingate Group Ltd. 

Setup & Train

Just getting started with Salesforce and need some help making it 'yours'? Look no further! Simply contact us below for a free assessment.
  1. Discover
    You learn more about Salesforce™ as we learn to help your business
  2. Create
    Your language, your data, your process are created within Salesforce™
  3. Train
    Your team receives training on their system in their language
When it comes to training, every engagement is unique. We work with our clients to devise a communication plan so that the training really speaks to your team. When the training is in your language, demostrated in your system, and the user benefits are crystal clear, we have what we need for successful training and adoption.

No need to re-invent the wheel! We've got you covered.

We use a proven a recepie to approach new sales, service, and marketing projects. By working with us you'll reduce risk, save time, and get insights on best practices and strategies we've seen from other companies in your industry.

Free Assessment

Let's set up a call to discuss your needs.  We openly share our pricing and proven strategies you can use.